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I hope everyone has been having an awesome start to 2021. We can only go up-hill from here right? I appreciate everyone's patience and love throughout this weird time. Your support goes unmatched and I'm grateful for every bit of it. I won't be playing out much during the winters here going forward as it's my time to work on new material. But, once March hits, I will be back out on the road (fingers crossed). On the contrary, I will be taking most of these first few months in the year to get into the studio to record new music. I have so many new songs that are begging for a release so keep your eyes out for any news. Thanks for being so supportive and I love you all! - Grant Milliren

(January 6th, 2021)

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In January 2020, I went into Sound Summit Studios to do a live acoustic session in Naperville, Illinois. The album is available on all streaming services & the live video content is available on my YouTube page. I present to you, 'Live At Sound Summit Studios' by Grant Milliren.

Live At Sound Summit Studios

Grant Milliren

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On January 8th, 2020, Grant Milliren performed a live in studio session at Sound Summit Studios in Naperville, Illinois. This live session features a total of four songs, two acoustic versions of previously released songs & two acoustic versions of brand new songs that will appear on his upcoming album set to release in 2020.

  • Acoustic Guitar & Vocals | Grant Milliren
  • Videography | Nikolas Adams Productions
  • Production | Sound Summit Studios
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